VIZIO D-Series 40″ Class (39.5″ Diag.) 1080p 120Hz Full Array LED Smart HDTV (D40-D1)

photo-VIZIO D-Series 40" Class (39.5" Diag.) 1080p 120Hz Full Array LED Smart HDTV (D40-D1)
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Give yourself the gift you've always wanted, a feature-filled Smart HDTV. This VIZIO Smart TV features a generous screen size of 40 inches, so everyone can enjoy a quality picture.<br><br><b>Note:</b> You must have a source of HD programming in order to take full advantage of the VIZIO D40-D1 Smart HDTV. Contact your local cable or satellite TV provider for details on how to upgrade.

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120Hz>60Hz (all day)

by ShawnR

This is a fantastic tv in this price range and much superior to my usual go to brand, Samsung (my 32" Samsung broke after only 2 years). The Vizio reviews, picture quality, and sound are all great. Do yourself a favor and select a better sound pre-selection in the menu other than "normal". Also google search for better color calibration numbers for a bit more "wow" effect to the colors. The menu was the best/most simple one I've ever used on any tv. My Grandpa is literally half deaf but can hear the sound very clearly at the setting 85 of 100. And for reference, when I speak to him, I talk just shy of yelling for him to hear me. Sound volume is much more than adequate. What really sold me on this brand and model was other family members owning Vizio for many years with no problems, plus having 120Hz is a big advantage over 60Hz for gaming, blu-rays, & for fast moving shows like football to have no motion blur. Also be aware Samsung's "120 clear motion" is a marketing scam--it is really 60Hz, not true 120Hz like this is. Cons: Remote buttons could have been bigger.

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Vizio Smart TV

by Dissatisfied

I am so happy about my new purchase. I have had smaller and not smart Vizio televisions before and was happy with them but this latest one I purchased is so awesome. My children love playing games on this because of the perfect picture and colors. Watching movies is great because the picture is so clear. I can stream my favorite music, watch Netflix, go shopping, see what new at the movies, watch YouTube, check email, or catch up on the news at any time I want.

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Almost Perfect

by curtatlanta

Price, Quality and Value, I give it an A. I needed it for my bedroom, moved the old 720 to the guest bedroom. I have cable and Roku and an Antennae. I was going to get the 43 inch, but the 40 inch was a better value. I specifically wanted a 1080, 120hz, and wifi. And I wanted a quality brand that wouldnt give me trouble. Its all there and I"m very pleased. Some say the picture is lacking. There are 2 menu levels of fine tuning to get it just right. Some say the remote is lacking. Its small and light but not deficient in any way. Some asked about the Apps. Beside the regular apps you have access to a slew of other sites like Facebook and Yahoo presets like Finance and Weather and Sports. Some say the sound is lacking. I have a Vizio sound bar and it auto-synched and sounds great. Some asked about the browser, doesnt have one, but the App is a step in the right direction. Anything I don't like. The sleep timer is 2 menu levels deep, its a single button on my other remotes. The input selection (air, hdmi, sat) has a hair trigger before it disappears. And the type on the dashboard is too small and non descript to read from 10 ft away. And I should mention that its very light. My other 720 tv was 50 lbs. This thing is like 10 lbs. Easy to lift, set up.

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by 99SALEEN87

Love this TV. Perfect size specially for a bedroom. Apps work super fast, and tv picture looks awesome. Cant go wrong specially being $300 bucks. Vizio have prove themselves over the years to be a good reliable tv. Good job Vizio.

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even when yo do not have cable

by usuziq2

the picture is pretty darn good. Got this for my niece for a Junior in college TV. Her brother got one for last year and she wanted the same brand. She is pretty happy . She wanted the Smart feature, but to tell you the truth she is smart enough without it :) It is every thing she wanted in a tv and the price WOW. I work at WM and this brand of TV is pretty popular, so I felt good buying it for her.

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