VIZIO D-Series 32″ Class (31.51″ Diag.) 720p 60Hz Full Array LED HDTV (D32hn-E0)

photo-VIZIO D-Series 32" Class (31.51" Diag.) 720p 60Hz Full Array LED HDTV (D32hn-E0)
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This HDTV is a great way to introduce high definition to your home. Plug in up to two HD components with the built-in HDMI ports and enjoy HD quality.<br><br><b>Note:</b> You must have a source of HD programming in order to take full advantage of the VIZIO D32hn-D0 HDTV. Contact your local cable or satellite TV provider for details on how to upgrade.

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Super price for a great product

by Roget12

Just bought this TV 2 days ago and wanted to share some information with you. First is the picture is great for a 720p but it is not rated at 1080p. Next is the sound. Most TV's under 40" have small cheap speakers that sound 'tinny'. Not the case here because this TV has 2 large downward firing speakers that spread the sound around the room. It also has 2 HDMI ports, so does it make a difference which port you plug your cable box into? Yes it does, you should use the port closest to the power cord. Next is the picture. When you turn on the TV the picture will be good but not great, so you need to do two things to make it great. First get into MENU and change the PICTURE setting from Standard to Vivid. Next in crank up the Color setting to + until you get good color. At this point you will be saying WOW this looks beautiful and I saved big bucks. Enjoy

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Great TV, reception, picture & sound-great!

by sheilanLA

I chose this 32" TV as a gift for a friend, for several reasons. #1-I own a 46" Vizio & have had it 4 years-same results. It's great. No problems at all. So we looked at the ads (all over the internet) and chose this Vizio at Walmart-best TV for what we were looking for. We weren't looking for a "Smart" TV so we got this one. The set-up was so easy. I downloaded the instruction booklet and (he) my friend, in another city listened & did the set-up. He put the legs on..(they just snapped on.) Plugged it it. Plugged in the antenna. Set-up began. Then you go along step by step, basic set-up, then run a scan to get all your channels, the whole process was very easy and not stressful at all. He is so happy with this new TV. I will soon be getting the same one for my bedroom to replace the smaller 24" I have. I am sold on Vizio TV's and the price and service (customer pick-up) couldn't have worked out better. 100% satisfied.

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great TV

by hickchick

This is a great TV for the price, i put it in my spare room where my Grandchildren sleep and have it hooked up to there game system and computer (makes a great monitor) for streaming there shows, and also have an antenna for local TV stations, great picture! there are several settings to choose from in the menu for sound, picture, devices, and your set-up etc to get it the way you like. there is a power on and off button in the back left side and no other buttons except whats on the remote, but that isn't a big deal just download a Vizio remote app on your smart phone (play store) if your worried about losing the actual remote , there are 3 i found and my favorite one is called Vizio TV Remote it works great!

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Now our son's TV is better than the family TV

by soglad2bmom

My 12 year old had been saving his money for a larger tv to watch sports on in his room. He researched and chose this one. Picture is wonderful. Frankly, I'm a little jealous. His TV is better than the family television in our living room!

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Fits my needs

by Ellie46

I read the reviews about the low volume and possibly needing a sound bar. I have this TV in a medium size bedroom and while the volume dial reads higher (31) than the living room tv, it works in this room without a sound bar. I do not find that an issue. I feel the picture quality is very good. I am completely satisfied with this purchase, would recommend it yo friends as a great value.

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