SCEPTRE X405BV-F 40″ LED Class 1080P HDTV with ultra slim metal brush bezel, 60Hz

photo-SCEPTRE X405BV-F 40" LED Class 1080P HDTV with ultra slim metal brush bezel, 60Hz
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<p>The Sceptre 40" LED Class Full 1080P HDTV X405BV-F with 60Hz delivers top of the line picture and audio quality at an amazing value. This LED HDTV features a sleek and streamlined look that will lend an air of elegance to any room, with its sophisticated glossy black finish and slim brushed metal bezels. The 1080P LED display is composed with over 2 million pixels, delivering a vast array of vivid colors and rich, clear details, and the amazing automatic contrast enhancement helps balance images to look bolder and more lifelike. A 60Hz refresh rate lets you watch your favorite shows and movies flicker-free for an uninterrupted viewing experience. The Sceptre 40" LED Class also comes equipped with 3 HDMI ports that let you connect game systems and other devices with the convenience of a single cord. Experience home theatre surround sound without moving from your couch by controlling the Scepter sound bar with a click of the included remote control.</p>

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putting the quality question to rest!

by reviewforyou001

Before I bought this 40” Sceptre LCD HDTV, I looked at many top brands. I own a Samsung. Then I read all the reviews on this Sceptre 40” TV. If you read reviews on any top name brands, you will see all the same complaints by the same small percentage of people. The main complaint on this TV, and on most big name brand Flat-panel TVs was the sound. I hope this sets the record straight … flat panel TV sets do not have the room for a decent speaker with a full base, they all sound thin. My old (1993) JVC 27” tube TV sounds far superior to any flat panel TV I have ever listened to; those old boxy TVs have room for big speakes. I am very tech savvy and have always had high-end surround sound systems that I have run my old tube TV sets through. This 40” Sceptre TV is as good, in every way, as the top name brands., and for the money it is a remarkable value. I paid $329, on sale. The picture is stunning, high contrast, very brilliant, good as any out there. I watched the super-bowl game and did not notice any movement blur during the game, and I was looking for it. Now for the kicker… I am only hooked up to an indoor amplified rabbit-ear antenna. If it is this good on rabbit-ears, then when the cable is in, it will be spectacular. Anyone who complains about the picture simply has something set up wrong. In the back, it has all the connections you will need including 4 HDMI connections. My Blue-Ray DVD player works great connected through the HDMI port. ABOUT THE SOUND! All flat panel TVs have poor speakers and the manufacturers know that most people who buy this size TV will buy a sound bar such as Visio’s bar, or run the set through their stereo system. I listened to the TV for two weeks before I got around to hooking it up to my surround-sound system with a powered sub-woofer. The TV’s own sound was average and quite acceptable for a plat-panel TV, but once it was hooked up to my old JVC surround sound amp., it blue the roof off, (in a good way). Sounds just like in a movie theater. The sound electronics built into this TV are superb. Again, anyone complaining simply has it set up wrong, and I suggest to everyone to take the time to read through the manual as I did. One feature I like is the sturdy swivel base. It is great when I go into the kitchen; I just turn it in that direction. It is also helpful when plugging in your cables. Many don’t swivel. Even though I bought this TV on line through Walmart, I bought three extra years warranty through Costco for just $29.99, which makes a total of 4 years. So if by chance anything does go wrong, which can happen with any company, I am well covered. Costco uses “SquareTrade” for their service plans. One last thing… I called the tech number twice with questions about hookups, and each time I called, people from the actual company in Culver City, Ca. answered the phone and were very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They told me they buy top components, test for compatibility, and then assemble them just as most computers are made, today. I hope this review puts all the confusion to rest regarding the small percentage of conflicting reviews. I highly recommend this brand.

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Better Than Expected

by LRPhotographer

For what I paid for this, I didn't expect it to be quite as good as it actually is. Yes, there're better 40" 1080p LCD TV's out there, but when they cost more than twice as much for only a slightly better picture and sound, it's hard to justify opting for those over this one. The picture is still plenty clear, bright, and contrasty, without being so much so that highlights are blown out and shadows are blocked up, with very little in between. You just have to be patient in manually changing the image settings. I found that a brightness of 75, contrast of 50, and a color saturation of 25 with the tint left dead-center produces the best results, no matter the material being viewed. As for the sound, folks have complained that it's prone to getting really loud, then really quiet, without warning and seemingly without reason. This is caused by the auto volume leveling software in the TV. It's really quite terribly implemented. Turn off AVL/AVS, and this problem should go away. One of the really cool things about this TV, besides the huge array of input options, is that it has a 3.5mm headphone jack on the back of the TV. This will allow you to use computer speakers for external audio, if you'd like to go that route and save some money on what you'd otherwise pay for a sound bar, bookshelf system or full-blown HT system. You can get computer speakers that sound as good as if not better than a $250 sound bar for around $40. This is about the best bang-for-buck TV I've found anywhere, and even being the A/V aficionado I am, I have absolutely no problems recommending it. Again, for more than twice the price, you'll get only marginally better quality, but since the whole point of shopping at Walmart is to save money, why not go ahead and save a ton of it by getting this TV? You'll be extremely hard-pressed to find a better deal even here.

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great value - good choice for external audio

by whydoihavetoenteraname

Great picture. Default audio isn't the best, but it can be adjusted so that it's ok. If it lasts, it's an absolute homerun (I've never had a piece of no-name electronics fail, but I have had an expensive Sony TV fail the day after the warranty expired). I picked this TV because of the connections - particularly the audio. You can't tell from the useless Walmart web specs, but it has every meaningful kind of video input, and both digital and analog audio outputs. Digital audio outputs are missing from lots of the low-end TVs, and analog audio out is a nice touch that's hard to find anywhere. There's also computer sound/video inputs and a usable USB port. If you're willing to buy things sight-unseen, and aren't scared off by the lack of a major brand name, this TV is worthy of consideration.

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Great buy with little mone

by ExcitedfromBoston

For the price this is an excellent choice, I just purchased and it was easy to assemble and hooks up easily to any kind of satellite or cable system. Make sure you have or purchase an HDMI cord...other than that it is a great buy still excited about my purchase and the picture quality is great....luv it!!!

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excellent product!

by demish

I've had the tv for 2 weeks now and it's excellent. The picture quality is awesome and the sound is great. The screen actually swivels and that's an awesome feature. I was a little nervous because I've never heard of the name brand and the price was so low but I took a chance with this product. I also made sure to purchase the 4 year warranty.

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