Samsung UN32J5205 32″ 1080p 60Hz Class Smart HDTV

photo-Samsung UN32J5205 32" 1080p 60Hz Class Smart HDTV
USD 499.99

All your favorite TV shows, movies, games and media content come to life in stunning Full HD 1080p with twice the resolution of standard HD TV. Enjoy an intuitive, connected home entertainment experience with Smart TV and WiFi built-in.<br><br><b>Note:</b> You must have a source of HD programming in order to take full advantage of the Samsung 32" LED HDTV. Contact your local cable or satellite TV provider for details on how to upgrade.

Top 5 Customer Reviews

Perfect TV for small to medium-sized rooms

by mdoelling

Having previously purchased a Samsung LED TV I hold this brand in high regard. What is nice about the 32-inch SMART LED aside from the price (I paid a little over $300) is the a full range of features including built-in WiFi. Set up is easy once you have connected the HDTV to your local wireless network. Picture clarity is incredible especially in Dynamic or Natural mode. In addition, the unit is very light so easy to install -- especially when attaching it to a full-motion wall mount. My wife and I decided to buy the 32-inch version because it's the ideal fit for our medium-sized bedroom. I highly recommend this TV to anyone looking for a bargain SMART HDTV!

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Great picture, terrible sound

by Speedy5150

I bought this Samsung Smart TV to replace my 9 yr old Panasonic, flat panel. I paid $227 for it 8/2016. This Samsung TV has excellent 1080p picture quality and loaded with features including WiFi and CAT 5 network connector, USB Port, 2 HDMI ports. Smart TV features a 1Gig app storage space for downloadable Smart TV apps! Plenty of apps available to download too! I can finally toss out my Chromecast Stick! The remote is the baby version of the remote that came with our 55" Samsung 4k Smart TV, but seems to be functionally the same feature for feature. The reason for four stars is the TV sounds like a cracker box even when utilizing the built-in equalizer. The TV features downward firing speakers that are tiny and have no bass to them, which is expected with the thin TV's. I have to buy a speaker bar to get a better sound experience. Having said that, I would recommend this TV to anyone.

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I got the lemon!

by Mare1909

I purchased this Television along with the extended warranty at our local Walmart in March 2015. In Jun there wasn't any video. I acted upon the Asurion protection plan. Ten business days later I received my repaired TV. Then we make it to August 2015, same thing happens. Long story short, I received my repaired television back after another 10 days of waiting. OK we're set now. Until.... September 2015. Black screen AGAIN, Asurion sent me another empty box & label to send it back for repair. This is number 3 and getting old I tell ya. OH! We're not done YET. November rolls around I now have a flickering screen and kept getting booted out of the Smart Hub. Off we go into repairs again. My repaired television comes back and knowing that my extended warranty expires March 2016. I contacted the Walmart Manager and asked him if he was aware of the Lemon Law in the Asurion plan. Thank God he was. The next day I took my receipt, copy of the Asurion extended plan, TV and all the documentation I received with each repair. Within 5 minutes I was picking out a brand new television. My new TV was even $180.00 less- for a better one Cha-Ching! And of course I purchased the extended warranty. I could have gotten my money back but in the town I live in there aren't many good electronic stores. My children tease me I save anything & everything. In this case it paid off. If you took the time to read this buy the extended purchase plan, it's only $20 or $30 in my case it paid for itself over & over and trust me I never believed in them, in fact this was my First in 40 years. I attest neither Walmart nor Asurion paid or compensated me in anyway for this review.

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Samsung 32" TV

by Richard

Arrived well-packaged three days after "will arrive by date." Easy to unpack and set up. Batteries included in remote. Comes with wi-fi and can watch Netflix, Amazon Video, etc. Connected DVD/VCR player to watch movies & tapes. Always had good luck with Samsung and happy with purchase.

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Samsung UN32J5205

by Bill

TV took off right out of the box! Setup went very smooth. Wireless internet connected with no problems at all. Programming was a breeze. Excellent picture and sound is very good. Perfect size TV for bedroom. Highly recommend this product!

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