SAMSUNG 50″ 5200 Series – Full HD Smart LED TV – 1080p, 60MR (Model#: UN50J5200)

photo-SAMSUNG 50" 5200 Series - Full HD Smart LED TV - 1080p, 60MR (Model#: UN50J5200)
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All your favorite TV, movies, games and media content come to life in stunning Full HD 1080p with twice the resolution of standard HD TV. Enjoy an intuitive, connected home entertainment experience with Smart TV and WiFi built-in.<br><br><b>Note:</b> You must have a source of HD programming in order to take full advantage of the Samsung 50" LED HDTV. Contact your local cable or satellite TV provider for details on how to upgrade.

Top 5 Customer Reviews

Easy initial set up. Great picture.

by Geraldine

We bought the TV in a Walmart store, the box and the contents appear perfect. We have been using the TV for a week and we are very pleased with it. It was easy to unpack and attach the stand and set up the TV. There are only 2 HDMI ports, plus 1 EITHER component or composite, both audio AND video are shared, so it is one or the other not both. Make sure this is enough for your devices. There is also 1 USB port and 1 Digital Audio Out (Optical), and 1Audio Out (Mini Jack) plus a co-axial input port. The picture goes almost to the edge, as there is a narrow frame. The TV is narrow back to front, and is very light (25 pounds I believe). Eco Sensor adjusts brightness to the room. This is a great feature. It was easy to program other remotes to work with the TV. The TV immediately recognized the wireless connection and was easily set up. Smart TV enables viewing of Netflix etc without needing another device. This TV is excellent value for the money in our opinion. Personally we miss having a paper Manual / Operating Instructions, but it available digitally.

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Blown away by quality picture and sound!

by Momto2

I am so pleased with this TV! The picture quality is DYNAMITE! My 2 toddlers love watching cartoons on it and I still just stand in awe at how clear and colorful the picture shows. It's almost 3D, the images just pop out at you. I wish I would have never bought the 50 inch Emerson last January because it died out on us this July (so we got exactly a year and half of use! unbelievable). We were beyond disappointed because watching TV and movies is our favorite past time. Luckily we had purchased a 3 year warranty plan. The entire process of calling the warranty company and getting transferred to the electronics repair team was very lengthy ( approx. 2 weeks) but a little patience paid off. About a week and half passed before the repair company called and informed us that Walmart had decided that the cost of repairing our "dear Emerson 50 inch" was not cost effective (in other words to fix it would probably cost more than the entire TV itself. Which we purchased for only $398.00 ( which seemed to be a pretty great value/cost for a 50 inch HD TV). So Walmart decided to give us a E-gift card to purchase a new TV. Now looking back I wish we had never gone with the Emerson and spent a few extra hundred dollars to not be out of a TV for almost a whole month ( way too long for a TV lover!). The picture quality and sound of the Emerson TV is terrible compared to this TV. The sound was so low on the Emerson that we ended up buying a sound bar to help amplify the sound but even that barely helped. I can listen to the Samsung at level 30 without turning on the soundbar and it is LOUD! Turn on the sound bar with a sound level of 30 and it will blow your ears off! I just can't say enough positive things about this TV. You have to experience it yourself. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with this TV. You will only wish you had bought it sooner. I know I do. Yes I know Walmart has many TVs that are marked down in price but please just spend the extra hundred dollars or two on a quality producer such as Samsung because it is well worth it. You get what you pay for. Also the delivery process was pretty fast as well. We ordered this TV online on a Sunday and it was estimated to arrive the same week on Friday but ended up here the following Monday right as it was re-estimated to arrive. The TV arrived in mint condition and it felt like Christmas for the entire family. Setup was less than 10 minutes and we just love the Smart hub for watching YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon. I have yet to try the online features but so far I am very pleased with all of the features on this smart TV! Just buy it and you'll see! Samsung is the best in phones so I should have known that their TVs would be just as great in quality.

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Great TV

by WalmarterTrue

It's a great tv. The color and clarity are outstanding and it's easy to navigate and use the many features it offers.

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Spectacular Buy

by AlexJr

This replaced a five year old 43" HD LG that worked perfectly. I knew that at 60hz refreshment this was an older model being phased out, but I am not a gamer so it shouldn't make a difference, and it doesn't. The improvements in just five years are astounding. The HD picture is so sharp that glasses are unnecessary; even without a sound bar the sound is crystal clear; the rim is much thinner, so that it is almost entirely picture. The difference in weight is particularly noticeable. To top it off, the price is about half of what it was for the one it replaced. When delivery was taken into account, the WalMart price was very competitive with the Black Friday price from a local discount chain. The only negative is that I had to go online to buy larger screws to attach it to the existing wall mount.

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Good buy for the clearance price

by AlbrusDumbledore

i got it in clearance and very happy with the product for the price. Only complaint i have is that the tv takes 3mins to start up apps.

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