RCA RLDED3258A 32″ 720p, 60Hz- HD LED TV

photo-RCA RLDED3258A 32" 720p, 60Hz- HD LED TV
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OK for the price - I guess

by SienaYT

Bought this yesterday for $198. Major complaints are the small, tinny sound and the black bars, regardless of which picture setting mode I have it on. Not all DVD's 'stretch' north and south, so I end up watching movies with the black bars and in 'normal' mode The sound was so bad, I couldn't make out any dialogue; was going to return it but then had a brainstorm - plugged in my speakers into the 'headphone' jack, and now I have SUPERB sound. But...a lot of issues. Worth the price? Maybe...if I get a year out of it, I'll have to be happy. Picture isn't terrific, but passable. My living room is narrow, so this size was the maximum I could go. And it fit my budget. Had an RCA 26", bought from Walmart and it lasted 8 years - then simply died. No pilot light, nothing....so got my money's worth there. This TV seems less robust, so my expectations are less. And with the lousy sound and black bars that don't disappear on DVD movies - even in 'theatre' mode - it's not all I was hoping for.

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by Nameless11223344

Do NOT buy this product! Bought this TV for my husband for an anniversary gift for our bedroom because it was smaller, lightweight & a "good price". I should have walked away because after only 8 months, it refused to turn on anymore. We thought maybe it was the outlet so we tried multiple ones, no luck. We didn't get the extended warranty, so we were SOL. Tried finding solutions to fix the issue ourselves and to our surprise, apparently this is a normal thing for RCA tv's. I should have checked the reviews before buying this terrible product. Will never buy this TV or probably not an RCA product again. So disappointed.

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by Merando297

Bought this 6 months ago. Sound is trash but I used my computer speakers so that was able to be overlooked. However I went to turn the TV on the other day and there is absolutely no power. Contacted RCA and can take it to an authorized repair center where I live...which is some guy's house.

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Lowest quality

by DDave

Bought 2 months ago. Picture is dark. People disappear in dark rooms where can plainly see them on other tv's. Tint is off and can not be adjusted. Green grass more a neon colour then a grass colour

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A gift for the in laws never hurts, they love it and the picture quality is very good, well woth the price

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